The Mirror 1914

Jennifer May Reiland
Watercolor on Paper
36 x 36 cm

Vitsoe, 606 Universal Shelving System; Record Console Edition

The last couple of weeks have been very exciting. Every day I talk to the people at Vitsoe to further personalize a custom shelving unit that will be able to conform to my currently living situation all while being extremely efficient. Above are two revisions that we have been working with. The first offers a 79° sloping shelf that will be used to display records that are currently on rotation. The second offers a bit more space for when my collection grows. Each 65cm wide shelf can hold up to 210 LPs. More updates coming soon. X

Alvvays, “Adult Diversion”

End of summer jams

Good morning, Yuzu! ☀️

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Good morning, Yuzu! ☀️

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Cross Record, "Look At Your Game Girl (Charles Manson cover)"


Olga Bell20140707

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Olga Bell

Phloem Studio, Laura Desk

My sister moved out to California last week, which means her bedroom is now vacant and my dream of having an office again is the next house project on my list. While scavenging the internet for the perfect desk, I stumbled upon a beautiful handcrafted piece by a gentleman named Ben Klebba from Portland. My favorite part of the desk are the little geometric compartments located in the pull out drawer for keeping smaller objects organized. I’m a sucker for small details like that. Along with the sturdy construction of the desk, Ben makes the Laura desk to order and by hand using only the finest domestic hardwoods available.

Coffee making alarm clock wakes you up with a freshly brewed mug

Seriously one of the best investments I’ve ever made has been my espresso machine. It’s nice having all the manual options to be able to have complete control over your espresso in the morning. This machine would be nice for those mornings when I just can’t get out of bed.

This guy never got a proper introduction, meet Yuzu, our new Aussie cattle dog mix puppy 😊 (at Discovery Green)

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This guy never got a proper introduction, meet Yuzu, our new Aussie cattle dog mix puppy 😊 (at Discovery Green)